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Episode 1: Make It Special

Amy Podcast

In this first episode of the Creative Mom Podcast

  • Extended discussion of the thinking behind the show ~ raves for Brenda Dayne’s Cast-On ~ Christina Giles
  • Creative Currents: A search for “Flubber” and “knitting” as a perfect kid-friendly creative outlet
  • Creative Mom Moment: Make It “Special” For Mother’s Day
  • Creative Prompts: calendar-style day-by-day journaling (sketched, painted, written, or other); small spaces for small chunks of time
  • Book Review: Big Purple Mommy by Coleen Hubbard
  • Blog Mentions: LoobyLu, Kiddley, Craftapalooza, Back-Tac, Carnival of the Creators
  • Podcast Mentions: ChubCreek, Cast-On, Weavecast
  • Question of the Week: What podcasts do you listen to? Are there podcasts you’ve found that really feed your creativity?
  • Music (most music was from the Podsafe Music Network; no longer available)
    • Heather Sullivan (Somewhere Lies the Moon)
    • Jim Fidler (Lillian A Portrait In Sound)
    • Anne Davis (Where the Roads Cross)
    • Chub Creek (Rosie)
    • Eliot Popkin (Soar)
    • Intro Clip: Jim Fidler (All I Really Wanted)


Podcast not currently available. (What’s this?)

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