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Episode 13: A Steady Hand

Amy Podcast

A lot to cover… a long show… here are some of the highlights…

  • Mona Brookes’ Drawing with Children
  • Ed Emberley – rediscovering an “early” pad of paper and early, early, early trucks and cars a la Emberley
  • Spencer draws “Me and Matthew on the merry-go-round”
  • Usborne Complete book of Drawing (and a spaceship poster)
  • Actual Size (and a wonderful “moth” drawing)
  • Matthew throws away his first kindergarten drawing
  • our hallway “clothesline gallery” (and other ways we hang/showcase art)
  • “Chain Reaction,” the first Creative Mom Moment Essay in a long time
  • “COG,” the Honda domino ad
  • I prep journal pages with painted backdrops and wonder what kinds of ink I need to work with on top of them
  • Baby Mermaid socks using the Dream Socks pattern
  • the wonder of Brittany 5″ DPNs
  • Storyteller’s Etsy site (both yarns and collage packs)
  • I’ve got a Rip Van Winkle sensation
  • David Lucas’s Halibut Jackson and Nutmeg
  • Project Runway  and a Holly Hobbie flash back and thoughts on the “new” generation of Holly Hobbie
  • a listener’s story of Emberley-inspired notes tucked in a lunchbox ~ a new question of the week, and more… Plus, don’t forget to stick a pin in the Frappr map!

(show length: 1 hr, 23 min)

Featured Podsafe Music:

Monique Rhodes~ Doin’ All Right [PMN]

Jacques Grant~ Looking to the Sun [PMN]

Katy Pfaffl~ Catch Me [PMN]

Heavy Mellow~ Weaving

Lorena Mire~ Hide and Seek [PMN]

Intro Clip: Jim Fidler~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]

Titles Mentioned in Episode 13 and related titles… (and other relevant highlights)
Halibut Jackson Actual Size Nutmeg Actual Size Pre Drawing with Children Wing on a Flea Emberley Trucks

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