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Episode 19: The Ants Come Marching

Amy Podcast

    ~ with a day of rain come the ants
    ~ dragon curtains are finally hung and a Zen cutting experience
    ~ a car conversation about an artist as someone with paint on their hands
    ~ stamps, stamps, stamps… even some Kanji ones
    ~ I retreat to the sketching equivalent of comfort food (for me) … sketching from photos
    ~ an amazing Rubber Stamping book
    ~ a great book introducing expressionist art to kids and full of great and well-executed projects
    ~ French Toast Girl‘s awesome blog (and cool experiments with paint, salt, Windex, etc.
    ~ The Drawing Club (collaborative blog)
    ~ Mom and me socks at the Naptime Knitter
    plus, as always, great music from the podsafe music network.
    ~ CraftSanity Podcast Episodes 27 (artist Amy Karol of the Angry Chicken blog) and 28 (interview with Debbie Stroller)
    ~ ScrapCast talks about portable scrapbooking
    (show length: 1 hr, 3 min)

    Featured Podsafe Music:
    Tracy Jane Comer ~ Take Me To the Mountain [PMN]
    Graeme Hindmarsh ~ Sea Dragon [PMN]
    Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]

Titles Mentioned in Episode 19 and related titles… (and other relevant highlights)
Museum ABC Museum 123 Museum Shapes CYFI Inside CYFI Outside CYFI TOO CYFI i spy alphabet i spy numbers in art i spy shapes in art peter pan in scarlet a is for artist journal rubber stamp gifts express yourself surrealism matisse van gogh

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