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Episode 20: All in the Family

Amy Podcast

    ~ the boys play “ant spies” and Mom bonds with a bottle of Windex
    ~ a birthday card for his teacher (and a “green” envelope)
    ~ Gramma came to visit… and we spent time finding a workable (and easy to use) recycled greeting card box pattern
    ~ Gramma gets a lot of knitting done, and I struggle with my gauntlets and a cable gone awry
    ~ we find the “perfect” fabric flowers for knitted hats
    ~ the “art board” at school shapes up on the second go-around with the stack of tissue paper
    ~ two brilliant stories about creativity by Peter H. Reynolds: The Dot and Ish (brought to my attention by Ryan)
    ~ “backfilling” in the Moleskine and thoughts on starting a new blank sketchbook… and trusting that “good work” will appear in it, too
    ~ Twinkling H2O’s watercolor pots with a “shimmer”
    ~ a chunky switchable lead colored pencil by Pentel (not the one from my childhood, but could be cool)
    ~ knitted ant named “Adam” (pointed out by Jessica)
    ~ and more… (show length: 1 hr, 2 min)

    Featured Podsafe Music:
    Monique Rhodes ~ Under the Sun [PMN]
    Shane Jackman ~ Early Frost []
    Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]

Titles Mentioned in Episode 20 and related titles… (and other relevant highlights)
the Dot ish So Few of Me The North Star Emily's Art Matthew A B C The Painter All I See

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