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Episode 23: Little Red Easel

Amy Podcast

I’m finally getting it posted a day late, but…

  • I attend the dance-along at school that marked the end of the 10-week dance rotation for the kindergarten class and marvel at a creative “crayon” approach to stretching
  • The little one paints and colors “lists” and “spells” lots of things which “Gramma will like,” the boys paint at the easel and I sit in the rocker, the designated paper towel holder and brush wiper, and Matthew leaves a painted message on the top of Spencer’s painting
  • The artist Gregory in All I See
  • Dave at Chub Creek talks about being behind the lens or mic versus being in the moment and remembering taking pictures versus Episode 74: Home Boy
  • And I pause to remember the rocker and the little red easel over the last few years
  • I think about music in our house and in my history
  • I turn up Marnie Maclean’s Pismo Hat as a definite “maybe” for my brother [see also her similar but stockinette Carlsbad Hat]
  • Ace Young (American Idol contestant who wore the beanie [and referred to it as his
    “comfort”; see photo
  • Wikipedia definitions of and differentations between the Toque and the Beanie
  • I start catching up on blogs and find Jana Bouc’s fabulous
    monoprint entry, mention of the tempting Casino shawl, mention of a book called
    No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason, Manda at Tree Fall shows pictures from the A is for Artist book I mentioned a few weeks ago [see Nov 2 entry]
  • Anika points me in the direction of gift tag swaps [see this
    Flickr album]
  • A return address label prompt inspired by the collision of the coming holidays and my reading of Griffin and Sabine (remember, Sabine is a stamp designer) and regret that we don’t (yet) have a tradition of making and mailing hand-made or home-designed holiday cards
  • And more…

(show length: 1hr, 02 min)

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Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]

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