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Episode 24: A Distracted Fish Doodle

Amy Podcast

    ~ I’m thrilled to walk into Starbucks and find the the holidays have arrived, replete with red cups, sleeves in red, blue, and green, and two new “cards” (to add to my collection)
    ~ painting with kids’ watercolors… the realization that all watercolor is not equal – even for kids… and thoughts on color mixing – or the convenience of readymade colors (and a sketch of my Circa knitting journal finally gets a wash of Crayola pink)
    ~ a persistent but unnoticed “sea” theme is brought to light
    ~ I draw a barebones castle outline to try and buy myself a few minutes to get some work done while they paint… but a stray doodle of a fish causes some confusion
    ~ a give-and-take storytelling creative prompt (inspired by listener Amy and her use of wooden StoryBlocks)
    ~ Charlotte in Giverny offers an excellent and mesmerizing introduction to Impressionism and is presented in journal format with wonderful paintings interspersed throughout
    ~ a brief Moleskine new clip… a sleepy Matthew walks in and takes a look
    ~ a wonderful and very funny entry on the decision not to make handmade Christmas cards this year (but to at least buy ones that look handmade) at CheryLOL
    ~ Rebecca at KnittyMama talks about toys and creativity and her husband and son put a knit hat to innovative and knightly use
    ~ “To a Maddening Ghost” off of Sara Hickman‘s Motherlode double-album, played by special permission [check out Sara’s Zen La La blog and podcast, too]
    ~ Sara’s also got a Christmas album out, and lots of other great music for both kids and adults… I find her rendition of Hush Little Baby (with alternate lyrics by Sylvia Long) a wonderful change from the traditional lyrics
    ~ Rachel points me to Sara’s music and to the way cool Austin Mama site
    ~ Amy recommends Micawber, and Ryan recommends titles by author/illustrator Colin Thompson (see below)
    ~ reminder that ATC’s should be mailed out by December 31, 2006
    ~ and more… (show length: 50 min)

    Featured Podsafe Music:
    Beatrice Ericsson ~ Reach Out [PMN]
    Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]

    Played by Special Permission:
    Sara Hickman ~ To a Maddening Ghost (from the Motherlode double album)

Titles Mentioned in Episode 24 and related titles… (and other relevant highlights)
Motherlode Paperbag Prince How To Live Forever Looking for Atlantis The Last Alchemist Micawber Charlotte in Giverny Charlotte in New York Charlotte in Paris

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