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Episode 25: They Came By Boat

Amy Podcast

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’ve got a bad cold (again – yes, I know, you all are going to start sending me vitamins in the mail!), so it’s a bit on the short side. I’m saving some of the creative juice that’s been flowing in the house for next week, and the week after that… and so on. But, I didn’t want to leave you hanging this week… after all, those of you in the U.S. may be enjoying a long weekend – and leftover turkey dinner. Here’s a bit of creative company to see you through while you knit, or paint, or draw, or do the dishes, or work on your CMP ATC cards, or upload to the FLICKR account, or scrapbook, or just sit and enjoy a moment of downtime.

    ~ a family portrait gets drawn at school, and I despair over our potential lack of clothes
    ~ fragments of American history and a set of symbols to celebrate Thanksgiving come home from the “Writing Center”
    ~ the corn muffins at the rhombus table are a big disappointment
    ~ ooh and aah over the wonderful spaces (and photos) in Where Women Create
    ~ Shall I Knit You a Hat?: A Christmas Yarn — a charming sounding storybook for kids with a knitting theme
    ~ I finish the lace by following directions and start the Pismo Hat, which requires me to learn the tubular cast-on (I again follow the directions), which turned out great
    ~ and more… (show length: 47 min)

    Featured Podsafe Music:
    Jon Schmidt ~ I Do [PMN]
    Podsafe for Peace ~ If Every Day Were Christmas [PMN]
    Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]

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