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Episode 27: A Ghostly Snowman

Amy Podcast

Two weeks until Christmas… one week until we get on a a plane for the holidays… and that means things are crazy and there are a 1001 things to do. But, first, Episode 27…

    ~ Spencer’s first preschool project
    ~ Matthew and the “art” book
    ~ artist-centered DVDs from Auryn bring famous artists and paintings to life
    ~ the saga of the return address labels
    ~ an unexpected holiday dragon
    ~ teacher gifts
    ~ first fetchings
    ~ and more… (show length: 47 min)

    Featured Podsafe Music:
    Tom Shad – A Podcast Christmas Theme [PNM]
    Lee Harris Christmas Compilations ~ Christmas Day is Here [PMN]
    Joel Kopischke ~ A Harry Potter Christmas [PMN]
    Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]

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