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Episode 34: A Memory Proven

Amy Podcast


~ thoughts on Ali Edwards’ “word for the year” challenge and my own quest for time to think about my word (blog entry | newsletter)
~ haphazard cleaning and organizing turns up a long lost art friend (see picture above! – and then listen to Episode 18 to understand the importance of this discovery and finding this chubby pencil)
~ Matthew brings home a “podcast card”
~ other things lost and found… a Robert Frost poem… a Beethoven composition
~ Jim LaMarche illustrations transform a fairy tale
~ reading Grandmother’s Pigeon and The Elves and the Shoemaker (both illustrated by LaMarche)
~ the stomach virus hits… which leads to a sleeping boy drawing
~ Pencil Lines – a great source for scrapbooking or visual journaling layouts (look at sketch 7 and 17 for sure!)
~ a new thematic creative prompt – COMFORT ZONE – designed to make you take a hard look at the “box”
~ last chance to sign up for the February ATC exchange – the theme is “A L P H A B E T S O U P”
~ to sign up, go here
~ basic ATC info: Wikipedia entry | a “how to” page
~ FLICKR highlights and a call to action (don’t be a lurker; be a contributor)
~ Rosemary from the Craftborg Podcast says hello… (go ahead, go listen – they’re cool) — podcast no longer available
… and more… Plus, as always, great podsafe music. (Length: 1hr, 11 min)
Featured Podsafe Music:
Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Shelly Niebuhr ~ Tell Me Your Truth [PMN]
Kelly Goodlad – Funeral for an Era [PNM]

39 Apartments Grandmother's Pigeon Elves and the Shoemaker
Moleskine Pink

Visual Chronicles 1000 Artist Trading Cards ATC Kaleidoscope Crafter's Companion

Podcast not currently available. (What’s this?)

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3 thoughts on “Episode 34: A Memory Proven

  1. The elves and the shoemaker fairy tale is very sweet. It’s interesting that the elves are naked in the Grimms story as well, and that the knitted stocking show up there, too.
    If you’re looking for a neat version, the Random House collection has a text that is lovely, matched with evocative pencil drawings. It’s adapted by Amy Ehrlich and Diane Goode did the illustrations. Most modern versions of fairy tales have flat, bald text that is hardly fertile soil for imaginations.
    Great episode. You encouraged me enough and so I’ve posted something to the Flickr group even though I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near the callibre I ‘ought’ to be in order to belong. But ‘ought’ is a stupid, lying, exclusionary word that I try to defy whenever possible if it’s holding me back. Even if I just started to realise I can be a Creative Mom a few weeks ago, I’m still on the path.

  2. Episode 34 dowloaded very strangely for me. I only got the first 2.5 minutes. It plays fone from this site though.
    Oh and hearing “Don’t Throw Your Trash in My Backyard” made me laugh. I remember learning it as a kid and singing it while on the swings behind my childhood home. Thank you so much for the memories.

  3. I hope I’m commenting on the righ tentry, I’m a bit behind…
    I was intrigued by your description of your office in particular the desk. I’d love to see a photo of it. I think our office could benefit from something like that!

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