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Episode 32: A Year of “Yes”

Amy Podcast

A super-long Happy New Year episode of the Creative Mom Podcast. Plan to listen in spurts. This is a big one…
… a quiet New Year’s and a bunch of Miyazaki movies (My Totoro on NY Eve, Kiki’s Delivery Service later, and Howl’s Moving Castle for the first time)
… my New Year’s tradition of finishing something and starting something new
… Matthew surprises me with his own “start and finish” routine
… nature leaps out at me with hypercolor
… window photography
… a school skeleton
… a cool magnetic (cookie sheet, in fact) perpetual calendar project
… a new thematic prompt
… words from ee cummings
extended discussion of the fabulous Visual Chronicles (Visual Chronicles blog)
… a goal to be more “out there” with my creative work
… anyone up for our next ATC swap? (potentially starting 2/1/07)
… highlights from FLICKR
magnolia photo at Super Hero Designs
“year of giving” at CheryLOL
… I rave about the ATC’s I received
… some special thank you’s
… and more… Plus, as always, great podsafe music. (Length: 1hr, 17 min)
Featured Podsafe Music:
Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Joshua Kadison ~ Fragile Days [PMN]

Titles Mentioned (and other relevant highlights)

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6 thoughts on “Episode 32: A Year of “Yes”

  1. Hi!
    I recently started to listen to your podcast and I really enjoy it a lot! I’m a beginner at knitting but listening to you inspires me to try more!
    Keep making great podcasts!
    Have a creative day!

  2. Sure I’m interested in another ATC exchange and of course I’d do a monthly one… and any other event that you decide to propose, I’m game! I would like to see a theme, I think it would be awesome to see all of the different responses to the theme… and things with a theme are just cool anyway!
    Awesome episode! I have so much to comment about: First, you’ve gotta tell us about Spencer napping in the car… what’s the story behind that? I’m so curious! I LOVED the nature in hypercolor talk… and as you know, I, too had a similar happening on my way to work the other morning, which inspired my leaf prints in my moleksine! Your start and finish routines sound awesome, and looking back, I wish I had done something similar. The Visual Chronicles book sounds awesome and I’d love to become part of an along if you start one. I’m currently doing French Toast Girl’s “Walking in this world” along (you suggested) and I’m gleaming with excitement to start it! Thanks again for all that you do to enrich our lives!

  3. Thanks so much for posting the holiday log. I really enjoyed it. Was suprised and pleased to find another episode in my iTunes so quickly, then, after that one!
    I would love to participate in a CMP trading card swap. I can promote it on my show as well, to double the efforts, although most of my listeners already probably subscribe to you anyway.
    Was brainstorming about themes (these are unedited, straight off the brain, so accept or reject as you see fit): Coordinate with Project Spectrum colors (which starts in February!), at least one month could be “A Sense Of Place”, because it might be really cool to see how people reflect the things around them into their creative process. Ummm…I had more, but I think that the new baby stole my brain. =)

  4. Wonderful show Amy! I love Joshua Kadison as well. What a nice guy — before I knew about the podsafe network, he personally gave me permission to use his music.
    I’m in the process of painting my daughter’s portrait’s and it’s all your fault/credit. :)

  5. Hi Amy,
    I found my way here a couple weeks ago via Meg’s Material Mama podcast and I’m really enjoying it. Most of my creativity is played out in sewing clothing for my kids (and a little for me) and I want to get into more “art-y” things this year. I would love to do the ATC swap but they will likely be more fabric and less drawing, hope that’s ok. I looked for “how to make a journal of your life” at the bookstore today and it’s not there. So I’m going to order it. I’ve been a written journal keeper for half my life and I’m curious about adding a more visual element to my journals. So again just want to say I’m glad I found CMP!

  6. I was SO excited to hear you talk about Hayao Miyazaki’s movies. I LOVE howl’s moving castle and Princess Mononoke. It was nice to hear another knitter with the same interest!

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