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Episode 33: Finding Time

Amy Podcast

… wonderful “field guides” in both the Spiderwick Chronicles and Arthur and the Invisibles (which I loved – beautiful cinematography) [also, great “teacher” materials on the Spiderwick web site]
… the magic of theatre and a trip to see Aladdin
… creative words from SARK‘s Inspiration Sandwich
… a new (and “magical”) thematic prompt
magical content in Spiderwick books, Arthur and the Invisibles, Little Oh, and Charming Opal
continued discussion of Visual Chronicles and the “My Day Unfolds” project
… extended discussion of time… finding time, evaluating your time, the importance of “me” time
… a sock drawer gets sorted
… what my morning coffee/sketch time has come to mean to me
… thoughts on a sketch of two little salt shakers
… amazingly cool customized art “daytimer”-style calendar on the Black Cat blog
… great Moleskine calendar sketchbook at Flickr
… Lain’s Rusty Pickle circle board calendar project (and kits!)
… when things go wrong – pens leaking, especially my Rotring Art Pens!
… update on the next ATC swap – starting February 1 (stay tuned here – I’ll post a link later this week for sign-ups)
sample ATC’s; more ATC’s
… highlights from FLICKR
Project Spectrum starts February 1
… coffee cups and “creative kid” t’s at Cafe Press
… and more… Plus, as always, great podsafe music. (Length: 1hr, 15 min)
Featured Podsafe Music:
Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Jonathan Coulton ~ Pizza Day [PMN]
Rob Costlow ~ Reflections [Magnatune]

Titles Mentioned (and other relevant highlights)
Visual Chronicles In this House 1000 Artist Trading Cards ATC Kaleidoscope Inspiration Sandwich Spiderwick charming opal Little oh Magic Treehouse Books Crafter's Companion Everyday Matters

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5 thoughts on “Episode 33: Finding Time

  1. Great podcast Amy! I really like your chat about getting up earlier. I know I should start doing that. Maybe once Mary starts Kindergarten and I go back to teaching.
    I wanted to comment, your son might also like
    Cricket in Times Square
    My Father’s Dragon
    Mr Popper’s Penguins
    Anything by Chris Van Allsburg, ( I used these when I taught and there are some great story and art prompts in “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick”. Steven King was even inspired to write a short story after seeing one of the pages!
    Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for the inspiration I get from you each day!

  2. What a great and thought provoking podcast! Thank you!
    I am a sock flipper, too! I think that one way to find time to sneak art into your day is to look for it in places you wouldn’t expect it. For example, how you organized your sock drawer IS ART. If the only time you have in your day to be creative is in the ten minutes it takes to fold laundry, let that task be artistic. Arrange your socks by color and put them in your drawer in different way than you usually do then really look at them there in the drawer. What do you see? Do the colors of your socks tell a story? Do they spark a memory? Does the way they slide down your foot in a certain pair of shoes irritate you? Soon these things we do in our daily routines become our little ways of making art even in ways that aren’t tangible.

  3. Hey, I’m listening now, but paused to comment about Spiderwick. The Spiderwick Chronicles are one of my absolute favorite kid series. Tony DiTerlizzi is a favorite contemporary illustrator of mine and I really enjoy Holly Black’s work (she has some more Young Adult books that I LOVE as well). Do you have the Spiderwick Field Guide? It is a wonderful companion book filled with illustrations (more than the novels) of all the fantastical creatures. There is also a little companion notebook/field guide for kids to draw their own findings in. Very cool.
    Ok, back to listening.

  4. I just found your podcast, and what a match it is for me right now! I feel like my creative self has just woken up for the first time in my life. I’m sketching, making cards, and itching to do so many other things I’ve never done before.
    Like you, I’ve recently discovered the joy of early morning time. It happened because I finally admitted I needed a full spectrum light box for my SAD in winter. So every morning I get up around 6:30 and sit in front of it. Usually I knit, but I’ve been sketching more often since the New Year. That quiet lull, when the kids, the cats, the dog, even the house, are all still asleep feels like a golden moment that is a present I give myself.
    Can’t wait to go back and listen to the other episodes.

  5. Another great podcast, Amy!
    Your words about morning time really struck a chord with me. I have been doing this for several years now. I came across the idea in the home organization book “Sidetracked Home Executives”. Though I’m still sidetracked, and my home still is a mess, this is an idea that I have stuck to.
    What I do during my morning time (between 45 and 30 minutes before I need to wake the family up) has varied over the time. At first it was just some quiet time for me, to read a little in peace. Later, I used to write some stream-of-consciousness pages (like the Morning Pages in The Artist’s Way) – this is a great creativity tool, and I will certainly do it again sometime in the future.
    Right now, I use this time for blogging. It sounds perhaps a little less creative, but writing is one of my major creative outlets, even writing on my blogs! It also has eliminated some stress around the blogging. I have two blogs (a food blog i Swedish and a textile blog in French), and I never seemed to be able to fit in any blogging time in my daily schedule. Now I do it in my morning time – and if it’s not finished at 6.45, when I wake up the family, I’ll simply continue next morning.
    And now I will go and check out Project Spectrum…
    Thank you for a great show!

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