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Episode 42: Dip, Dip, and Scratch

Amy Podcast


~ an extended look at our artist’s date to FLAX
~ we make handy color inventory charts
~ I notice the impact of my “everday” drawing on the oldest
~ PITT artist pens in S, F, M, and B
~ I feel scattered and overwhelmed and can’t bring myself to look at things behind the counters
~ a brown and cream pigeon?
~ not one, but two creative prompts – one thematic (INDISPENSIBLE creative tool?); one more hands on and concrete (draw a postage stamp)
~ the theme for the APRIL ATC exchange is: “A World in Bloom”
~ an anniversary and a gift of (dip) pen and ink
~ a review of the sequel to Charlotte in Giverny
~ a quick overview of The NEW CREATIVE ARTIST (which is chock full of great information, examples, and activities and ideas)
~ the multi-leaded pencil crops up again
~ and more… Plus, as always, good podsafe music. (Length: 1 hr, 8 min)

Featured Podsafe Music:
Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Katy Pfaffl ~ Through it All [PMN]
Jon Schmidt ~ I Do [PMN]
Collin Raye ~ All I Can Do Is Love You [PMN]

New Creative Artist.. Charlotte in Giverny Charlotte in New York Charlotte in Paris Linnea in Monet's... Monet and the..

(For more relevant titles, see the list from Episode 24)

Podcast no longer available.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 42: Dip, Dip, and Scratch

  1. Hey Amy,
    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a little while now, I think I’ve gotten as far back as Dec. 15, and I have to say, you are addictive. Your podcast more than anything else in my life right now has brought me back to my art roots. Since art school i’ve gone on to become a librarian, and been relegated to easy kiddie crafts. i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with easy kiddie crafts, but they stifle a person after a while. Since I started listening to you i’ve started carrying a sketchbook again, hunted out my son’s watercolor set, bought a few student-grade cakes of watercolor, gotten a new set of watercolor pencils and a water brush (about time for that idea!)and done some small sketches and some larger experiments again. I spent my time in art school in the 3-d pursuits of wood, furniture design, ceramics, papermaking and jewelry. Now i’m drawing more than ever and taking my doodles a bit more seriously. thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep it up!

  2. Amy: I love your podcast! I have no children, but that doesn’t seem to matter at all.
    I would love to see pictures of your inventory charts. They sound incredibly useful, but I can’t quite picture in my head how you did them. It would save me from buying the same colors of inks over and over, especially as I imagine you could do the same for any media.
    ~~ from Amy: I emailed this to you – but here is a link to the shot on Flickr:
    And, yeah, would work for any media, for sure!

  3. I have recently rediscovered my love for dip pens. Partially because I just really wanted to use waterproof ink. Sick of the smudging. Not as travel-friendly though I suppose.
    ~~ from Amy: A kindred dip pen spirit, Rosemary! Yeah! Yep, the drive for waterproof was my impetus, too. For travel, the PITT or Micron is probably a better bet.

  4. Amy,
    I have only listened to part of this podcast but I had to pause to come over and comment.
    I thought I was the only one who hates to go in and ask for help in an art store. I too, like you, want to know what I need to know so that I purchase what I want. I have been attributing it to being inexperienced and a novice, really tearing myself down about it.
    Of course, honestly, we don’t have a REAL art store … just art and craft chain stores

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