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Episode 40: Spilled Milk

Amy Podcast


~ thoughts on Episode 40 – and wouldn’t you rather I just write a book?
~ some wet on wet watercolor and a misadventure with masking tape
~ early morning creativity for the boys until the milk gets spilled
~ Justin Roberts’ wonderful children’s music – especially Meltdown (Justin’s site)
~ a new thematic creative prompt ~ M E L T D O W N (thanks to Justin’s CD!)
~ a couple of paper crafting books (one on cards; one on collage)
~ and more… Plus, as always, good podsafe music. (Length: 53 min)

Featured Podsafe Music:
Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
The Egerton Boyz ~ A Kite Song [PMN]
Heavy Mellow ~ St. George Island [Magnatune]
Jan Linder-Koda ~ Just What I Needed [PMN]

Meltdown Artful Cards Collage with Color

ATC 1000 ATC

Podcast no longer available.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 40: Spilled Milk

  1. I think that you are the greatest. You can’t really compare episode to episode, for life is an evolving continuum. You may not have a book deal, but I treasure all of your podcasts that I have had the pleasure of listening to. Thank you for helping me to become better acquainted with my inner muse.

  2. Amy, I’m so excited I just had to let you know: I did my first prompt! Meltdown was a great prompt, and I had a lot of fun doing the creative work. Unfortunately, I had to live through another meltdown to get the idea, but I’m so pleased with it that I don’t mind.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks for the podcast. You’re slowly but surely changing me into a bold creator…maybe even an artist.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Wow, nice podcast. I loved the prompt using MELTDOWN, hopefully I can laugh more at the MELTDOWNs after some playing with this idea.
    Thanks for the music tip. I have one for you that you may already now: Ty and I really enjoy Laura Berkner! Her CD What Do You Think of That is a favorite here.
    Cheers ~

    Hi Hilda – Thanks for the comments on the show, and good luck with the meltdowns. Some days, I think they get the better of me! I know Laurie Berkner’s work just from having seen her on TV some (between shows) – and she’s cool. Will have to check out the CD.

  4. Based on your fabulous review of MELTDOWN, I bought it for my kids (5 & 7) and they abosolutely love it! Especially “Monster” – “My Brother Did It” – “I Chalk”
    Thanks! Tammy [Gypsy999/Flickr]

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