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Episode 50: Light a Candle

Amy Podcast


The CMP turns 1, so it’s an extended celebration and retrospective look at the first year of the show…
~ I dive into Myriorama cards and find the process of putting this show together very similar
~ ATC Myriorama swap I mention
~ many thoughts on reaching the 1 year mark
~ thoughts on the disappearance of formal essays from the CMP
~ realization that I need to pull on a (rainbow chain mail?) body suit of armor and tackle the “issue of a book” head on
~ thoughts on standing still – or not standing still
~ details of a special CMP scrapbook created by SunnyNole and contributed to by Holli Conger, Linda Woods, Kritty, Heidi, Rosemary (of CraftBorg), Lain (of ScrapHappy), Judy (my Mom), and Julie (aka JuJuArt at Flickr)
~ listener audio comments
~ an audio retrospective from the first year
~ thematic creative prompt: Windows
~ and more… Plus, as always, great podsafe music. (Length: 1 hr, 29 min)

Featured Podsafe Music:
Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Matthew Ebel – Every Color [PNM]
Matthew Ebel – Someone’s Out There [PNM]
Joshua Kadison ~ One Song [PMN]
David Ippolito ~ Don’t Lose Sight of the Dream [PMN]

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3 thoughts on “Episode 50: Light a Candle

  1. Really fantastic show, Amy and Happy Birthday to the podcast! I realize this message is a bit belated, but having only recently gotten back from my trip, I am catching up on many things.
    It was wonderful to listen to the clips from the past shows. When some were played, I could picture myself where I was when I first heard them: walking the dog with girls ahead on rollerblades, sitting outside knitting, or cooking dinner.
    Your show has been an integral part of the sort of “new year” of my life wherein, I’d started out the year with the intention of expanding my knitting skills and continue with my fairly new and neglected sketchbook, then tuned in to your “Holiday Log” show with my new, Christmas present iPod for the first time. Finding your show was a bit like water. Being a creative person, I have often been the one that has been doing things “outside the box” or trying new and colorful ways of being. And yet, I longed for someone to inspire ME from time to time!
    Your show has also helped me come to this new sense of home (which I recently blogged about) that I feel here. I’d given up some of myself in trying to adapt to this place. Reclaiming my creativity is part of reclaiming me and is allowing me to feel connected here… somehow – unexplainably maybe, but it just is what it is.
    I thank you for the continued inspiration and the ideas that explode like fireworks in my brain heading one direction to the next… a “domino effect” you called it. Definiely. So, thank you so much. I look forward to it every week and look forward to another exciting year!
    Many blessings to you and your family,
    a.k.a. Mrs. Pivec

  2. Amy,
    What an amazing show. I enjoyed every minute of it. My boys love to listen with me. They love the sound of your quiet voice(so much different than mine :). Thank you for helping make our car-rides to hockey this past winter more enjoyable. Much success in your second year!

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