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Trouble Accessing 109?

Amy Featured

I’ve gotten a few comments that there is trouble accessing Episode 109… I’ve tried to see what may be wrong, but I can’t reproduce it. The show works for me in iTunes and via the link here on the show notes page. The show is longer than the ones in recent weeks… about 55 minutes. So… it could be a memory issue. If you, too, are having trouble, please leave a comment here. If I get the sense there’s a bigger problem, I’ll try re-releasing it with a new name and file info and see if we can clear it up. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Trouble Accessing 109?

  1. Amy ~ I did have trouble with 109, lots of stopping & starting, “buffering”. I was able to listen to all of 109 but it was in bits and pieces.
    Now 110 is beginning the same way. I have a new (to me)laptop and thought it was just something with that, but I see others had trouble too.
    Just thought I would mention it again, incase it isn’t just me.

  2. I’m having the same problems as Kris with 109 and 110. And when I try to download episode 110 via ZENCast Organizer, it won’t even complete, but displays a bizarre number under “Status” where the percentage downloaded info should be …

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