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Episode 110: Unfolding

Amy Podcast

~ What do you want to be when you grow up?
~ A story from the balcony last year… “Are you a writer?”
~ Life unfolding…
~ Gooma8x gives CMP a copy of Creative License, The: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are to give away…
~ Gooma8x and I are at Here2There
~ custom photo pillows for the holidays
~ The Boy Who Loved Words
~ Max’s Words
~ and more… Plus, great podsafe music. (Length: 36:05 min )

Featured Podsafe Music:
Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Marc Doiron ~ Believe in Us [PMNJosephine ~ I Sing [Ariel

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15 thoughts on “Episode 110: Unfolding

  1. When I was in high school, I wanted to be an actress so badly. Then went off to college and realized that only skinny girls got cast in the plays, not to mention that my talent wasn’t really being on stage. Luckily I discovered my craftiness and earn my degree in costume design!

  2. Amy, I just wanted to say I love how your podcast has unfolded and changed over the past 110 episodes. As for what I want to be when I grow up? I still don’t know. Maybe I never will, but I love learning new skills and art techniques. Maybe being a student is for me.

  3. When I grow up I want to be a writer and after a brief hiatus this summer I have re-entered the blogosphere with a start….my own business. I have started a Grant Writing business. This is not exactly what I envisioned my writing career looking like, but it is a start and it connects two of my passions writing and service. I worked in the non-profit sector for 10 years before I had children. I love learning about what all of these great groups are doing and helping them find funding to sustain their dreams. It will also give me something to blog about other than just my children…..although they are full of stories.
    Thanks Amy for all you do and your creative inspiration to us all! I loved your interview with gooma8x

  4. Hi Amy, when I grow up I want to be myself. The real me that is confident in my choices, not worried about what other people think, an artist unafraid to step out of her comfort zone. I’m working on it and making real progress! I’m of the generation that was programmed to fit in, play nicely, smile, don’t make a noise, put yourself last, don’t show off, etc, etc. Now that I’m 40 and about to become a mum for the second time, I want to teach my sons by example how to be confident in their choices and unafraid to just be who they are. As long as they are happy and their choice of profession is nothing illegal I’ll be happy for them. Love your podcast and look forward to it each week. Thanks for the chance to win this book – I’d love it!

  5. When I grow up, I want to keep making porcelain pottery and I want my strong knees back so I can keep competing in volleyball. I also want to go for many workshop sessions at all of the craft centers like Penland. Basically, I want to play with color and to make stuff!

  6. Hi Amy. I still can’t download this episode to my ZENCast Organizer, but it appears that this is because whereas the average episode is between 21MB and 45MB, #110 is coming up as 3.99GB! I’m persevering with #109 … The good news is that #111 has downloaded successfully – yay! – so that’s half an hour of my evening sorted! :)

  7. When I grow up I want to be a children’s author & illustrator, a songwriter & musician, an Oma, a teacher, and an author of devotional books…um basically everything I’m doing now but with age and wisdom!!

  8. When I grow up I want to be confident no matter what I do, whether as a stay athome mom if I choose to remain such or back in a career or a job. And I want to be a friend to my grown kids (wait, who will grow up first? Actually they may)

  9. When I grow up, I want to be a creative soul that is actually able to carve in creative time. I want to be an artist, a writer, and a teacher of creativity.

  10. I feel like each day I’m growing towards growing up, and feeling that time is not endless anymore. Will I be able to knit all of the projects I want to? Take all the pictures? Read all of the books? Then I get crazy and start multitasking – trying to fit it all in at once. And then I slow down….
    So what I want to be when I grow up is someone who’s able to relish the moment, and enjoy it to the fullest. I don’t know what creative pursuits I will be involved in – but there will be something. I don’t know where I’ll travel to – but I want to go places and experience new things.

  11. When I grow up I want to be a writer who gets published on a more regular basis, who dabbles in knitwear design rather than following the patterns of others, who grows more of her own vegetables and finds more time for volunteer work. Honestly, all this hinges mostly on my *kids* growing up–and I’m in no rush for that to happen.
    Thanks, Amy, for the show. I’ve been listening since the beginning and regret that it takes a giveaway to bring me out of the shadows!

  12. I just finished listening to Episode 111 and wanted to say that when I grow up I just want to “be gentle”. Not only to myself but to those around me. The more days I experience the press of the “to do’s” and the “I’d like to’s” I long for the days when I can just “be” without the ever present feeling of not being/doing enough.
    Amy, thank from the bottom of my heart for your podcast, it inspires me every time I listen to it which is usually on my morning walk. I come home with new energy to keep on creating even when there seems to no time.

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