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Episode 111: Slippage

Amy Podcast

~ my daily series slips
~ thoughts on last year’s “Be Gentle” show
~ SixSentences blog
~ Dara Weinberg’s blog
~ Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide
~ Half of an Elephant
~ extension of Creative License giveaway… through Sept 21… listen to show for details
~ and more… Plus, great podsafe music. (Length: 30:55 min )

Featured Podsafe Music:
Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Mike McGill ~ Happiness is Like a Kiss [PMN]
For Tomorrow ~ Happy Song [PMN]

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One comment on “Episode 111: Slippage

  1. Amy – this is the first podcast I have heard of yours. You won’t believe how much this resonating with me. I, too have been caught up with a lot of things this August. I had a weekly (not daily) ambition. But I too felt a bit overwhelmed and trying to catch up brought on more guilt. Mostly I wanted to let you know, your honesty really touched me, thank you. I can’t wait to listen to your previous podcasts.

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