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Braver than I

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Lazy Boy 1

I will save my surprise and the story of how this came to be for a story someday (that thing I sometimes do called a podcast). But once he spilled the beans to me that he had sort of liked my idea to do a panel a day (or even part of a panel) and had done one of his own at school, we created a bit of a challenge for ourselves. We haven’t totally gotten into the groove with the way we envisioned the challenge, but starting to ‘show’ the raw work is a large part of it.

I did scan my first one last week… and I haven’t been able to bring myself to post it. It’s so FULL of problems. It’s so messy. It begs to have nice neat inked lines and better handwriting. I think it’s just very hard to get to a point where I can show it… though there may be what… two or three of you who see?

So his series surprises me… I’m surprised that he’s doing it. (It’s a first.) I’m surprised by the subject. I’m surprised to find myself realizing how differently we approach graphic noveling… and I love that. I love that his is outside of himself whereas my goal is to find a way to capture something of these days in this format. I love that there is humor in what he is doing. And, I love that he’s wanting me to share his work.

It would be very me to elaborate and belabor and disclaim and explain and this and that. But I won’t. He’s a major math student, and so when he finishes at school each day, he evidently is using his extra time drawing his “daily” panels. Some days he doesn’t finish the entire thing… maybe a few panels of a piece that he then continues the next day. And I don’t get to see them every day. But I’ve learned to step back and see what happens. I’ve also learned not to get overly optimistic. This process is very new. It might not last. It might quickly fade.

But this was the first.

And so, to be fair, this was also the first:

GN - 1 (Oct 2011)

(Note: both are pencil sketches scanned in and then darkened digitally because pencil scans pretty miserably. Tammy suggested I try photoing them instead. I might give that a try. Both of us are used to cleaning up and refining our lines in ink, so seeing the pencil scans is strange!)

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