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M Water - Dec 2011

I finally pulled photos off my camera tonight, a medley of photos chronicling the collaborative visit. There were two of us using the camera during those days, and so there are a hodgepodge of perspectives and personalities and degrees of exposure. But always it is interesting to see what is captured.

The above photo I took at Ocean Beach as the boys dug to the center of the Earth and we finished our Joy tea lattes before walking down the beach to admire an enormous Da Vinci-esque wheel used for gymnastics and circus arts training–and before watching the sun drop below the horizon in a matter of seconds as we got ready to leave.

He’s in the middle of the photo, it’s true. But even as I took this one (part of a series in this moment), I loved the quiet line of him as he stood there, so still, facing the water.

I joked on Facebook yesterday about Zentangling IOU’s for the holidays (or INDs — It’s Not Done). I have drawn basically nothing in recent months. When Opal was here, I wanted her to see the last “Quilt on a Chair” drawing, which I did for the final prompt on the CT site. And so we flipped through other pieces from 2011, pieces she had only seen in photos: vest on a chair, portrait of a young artist, puffins, tea cups. All were “assignments,” pieces in response to a due date… but pieces that mark a large portion of this year.

Last night, a silly conversation planted the seed of an idea in my head about a gift to add to my “to make” list. The list is already too long for the less-than-two weeks that remain before Christmas. But I added something, figuring I would do it at the very end, in the final hours. And then, I surprised myself. I started tonight. Often, I sit next to him and we read side by side before he goes to sleep. Tonight I sat at the foot of the bed, and I drew. I went from idea (“I’ll make this”) to an inklink of foundation (“maybe I should draw this”) to standing in front of the bookcase (“where’s a book that will show me that”) to sketching in the lines and then inking. There’s still a lot to do… and “dragons” are not my thing, but this feels like a great match for a Zentangled piece. I surprised myself.

And it felt good.

2011 dragon
(Phone photo in low light, so it’s blurry. But you get a sense of the starting point.)

These books reached my radar recently:

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