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Episode 169: Vignettes

Amy Featured | Photography | Podcast

It’s taken more than a week since recording to edit and push this live. Much changes in a week! Even so, here it is, 169, and the first of 2012. Gonna get faster. As I type in these show notes, knowing I’ll have to come back later and fill in what’s missing; there are a gaggle of boys (give or take) in the other room for a birthday sleepover. It’s February. But this show takes January as its premise. Enjoy.

In this Episode:

~ word of the year, Ali’s One Little Word, Katrina’s Capture Your 365+1

~ vignettes

~ reflections on the year of birds

~ what’s on the design wall

~ A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart

~ Feb Capture Your 365 Idea List


Featured Podsafe Music:  (Music is no longer available from the sources that were podsafe when this show was published.)

Intro Clip: Jim Fidler ~ All I Really Wanted [PMN]
Charity Chapman ~ Free [Ariel Publicity]
Eric Garcia ~ Peace From Within [Ariel Publicity]
Susan Picking ~ Keep On, Keepin’ On [Ariel Publicity]


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3 thoughts on “Episode 169: Vignettes

  1. Loved this show, Amy! I enjoyed the vignette format and all the different topics you covered, the different pictures of your days and projects going on in your life. Keep it up as you can; I’m still a loyal listener! :)

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