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New Path

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2012 Colors


Having cleared the design wall of two possible auction donations for our elementary school, and then clearing the scraps from the table into baggies and putting the larger remnants and strips back into their bins, it’s time to focus, again, on this project… my “2012.” I know the subtitle already, but I am not ready to commit it out loud. I want to let the shaping happen and the normal evolution occur. I know where I’m headed, loosely, but getting there is a month by month and collaborative journey. We will each make pieces for the other’s quilts, but this year, we each have different color schemes. That’s a first, and we’ve spent a good bit of time hemming and hawing about what will sustain us for the year–what we want to end up with.

I need to buy some additional pieces to fit in with what I have planned, but I believe in diving in, and so I’ve been pulling and sorting this morning, cutting swatches for the swatch cards I’ll make (one to keep and one to send) that will guide the pieces made and give a general palette to the year.

And then, I went ahead and cut some strips and sewed the foundations for two simple blocks, but the kind of blocks that will be integral this time. I’m excited.

And it’s a Saturday morning, so there has been a moment to ponder my orchid (whose leaves started drooping last week, which is not a good sign), to play short-order cook for three boys (one wanted scrambled; one wanted an omelette; one wanted fried egg and cheese sandwich, and all wanted waffles with butter and syrup), and to look again at a recipe for something called “Preacher Cake,” which caught my eye this week. I’ve taken care of a few loose ends. I’ve thought of several more I need to tackle. I’ve exchanged a few dozen text messages about fabric, which is central to the way we collaborate. And, before all of it, I got up, thrilled that there were three sleeping boys, all in their own sleeping locations and all asleep even after the bit of noise from the coffee machine. I took my coffee back in to read in bed. The light bulb in my small light blew when I turned it on, another tiny thing to remember to take care of later. And I read. I just started The Language of Sand, and I am hooked. I was worried, initially, but as I read this morning, I fell deeper and deeper into this story.


There is a podcast recorded. It needs to be edited and then pushed out. But that it has been recorded, is a plus!

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