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Rubber Bands

Amy Featured | Philosophical Threads | Photography


Wednesday night. Late. Spring Break Week.

A week at home working with the boys isn’t always easy, but we’re making the best of it. The sun peeked out today, and just before we headed out for the afternoon to roam the Exploratorium, the youngest showed me a very rubber-banded deck of Magic the Gathering cards. It’ll take a bit of undoing before he can play the next hand with this one, but it’s got a great look. He totally wanted it photographed. He wanted it put on Facebook. These kids are far too media-driven for their own good, I know. But the moment let me snap a photo, and I realized that we had wonderful light, so I snapped a few more!

A few things to share that were sitting in a draft post from last week:

It’s later now… and I smell bread… I couldn’t bear to see a starter thrown out when it had just been started, so I’ve kept it alive and am making bread. Unfortunately, the timing of letting the sponge sit and then multiple risings always gets me, and tonight, I almost completely missed the window to get it baked! A book I read recently had a bread maker at its center, and there was a lot of talk of mother dough (ones that have been alive many, many years)… pretty fascinating! I can’t say I’m a dedicated bread maker at this point. It could happen. But for now, we love the taste of this sourdough, even if the loaves seem to have fallen a bit short of the mark thus far.


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