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Questions of Fate

Amy Featured | Philosophical Threads | Photography


Monday. Tea break after a free-for-all tears break.

I know it means I’m at my own brim, my own breaking point.

I found myself trying to explain to an 11-year old the other day about “fate”… how sometimes you meet someone or something happens for a reason… How it might not have been the choice you would have made, but maybe it is the right choice… And how you may never really know for sure if something was “fate,” but sometimes you have to wonder if certain things happen for a reason that we can’t understand immediately.

I am in the middle of a busy work-day, and in my head, in and around the tasks I am handling, I’m debating the merits of fate.

I am not one to spout karma, but I think mine must be in some negative zone at this point.

I could use an ibuprofen, for sure.

This photo is from last December. I spotted it yesterday as I was scanning through directories looking for something for the school yearbook. It seems a fitting photo in this moment. And smile-worthy.




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