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Visit: Day 12

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Orange bin

Orange strips

Orange My Line

Day 12 – A Sunday.

I am a few days behind.

Today is the last full day of this collaborative working visit. There has been a lot going on, a lot of routine, a bit of drama now and then (including a toe accident that sort of dictated the pace of several days and kept us even more homebound than normal), some wonderful foods and new recipes, a special side trip to Berkeley, and lots and lots of sewing. I do have much to catch up on to capture the flavor and creative feel of the days. But on some level, I’ve been working so hard to get as much “done” as possible–and the blog has to wait.

Just a few photos in this moment… The orange strips came out on Day 10. The roosters piece (which is possibly called My Line: Chicken Scratch) grew and grew and grew. It was, when it had center stage, my favorite current piece. Before it, the food piece from Days 1 and 2 had been my favorite. But the roosters piece took on a life of its own. Our goal in this visit was several small pieces. Each turned out bigger. I have trouble stopping, and the way I’m working right now lends itself to growth and a process of fitting in that makes it easy to keep going.

Trying again to bring us to the point of a smaller piece, more suitable for some of the local shows Opal attends, we decided to work with oranges, a favorite range for us. The bin was already out. It was a no-brainer. So, we got started. Actually, Opal made a bunch of pieces before I got started, and when I was ready to shift attention to the oranges, I broke her pieces up into smaller ones, positioned them on a wall, and then started making pieces to fill in. This piece grew in a very short amount of time. But it is my favorite of this visit. It is pretty. It is alive. It is orderly in a way the other pieces are not (though I love their chaos). This piece… hums.

I’ve got all of it pinned, and it’s ready to sew together. So we’re leaving it on my wall for me to tackle next week in bits of time as my schedule returns to normal.

Today, we’re pulling out another favorite bin and will make pieces to leave on another wall so I can work on another piece once I’m solo in my space again.

Today, there are many things to finish up. Things to plan. Things to try and fit in. I know we didn’t work on some of the things we’d hoped to, but I feel really good about all the things we made. But, there are still many things to do in these final hours, including some full-on photos of the three pieces she is taking home to quilt. I hate to see them go. I don’t get to live with our pieces very long. So… I do need some photos.

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