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Every Day in May

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Trying something different in May, a spin on daily concepts we have talked about many times. I am curious to see how the month will take shape and am hoping this will rekindle something approximating the kind of “daily” that was, for a while, such a big part of me.

Choosing just one fragment each day is an odd process of distillation. One thing from all the moments in a day, or maybe two. And what is drawn may or may not be the most significant thing. It is just one thing.

Today, determined not to get behind, I tried to decide what to draw for day 7. Many moments vied for attention, all of them equal in the tide of a regular day. Why the moment of making dinner? Why that rather than the forgotten diabetes kit at school or the hours of writing at work or the funny moment in the car with the frisbee (yet again) or the accusation that I work all the time (as justification for whining about playing frisbee in the house) or the hands of gin rummy and the eighty second shower? All have something to do with the story of the day. And yesterday, three trips to the pharmacy probably shaped the day more than a funny comment in the car. Even funnier was that he conveniently forgot that his brother is away for most of the week and so got two cupcakes from the birthday kid, one for himself and one for his brother. Clever!

Choosing only one isolated moment flattens the day. What is the point and purpose? How can I be satisfied with so much of the texture if the days missing?

The juxtaposition of images and days is also interesting to watch as subtexts and sub narratives seem to emerge, intentionally or not. Two images from the early part of the month seem connected but they have no bearing on one another. Only in snapping a photo the first time of the early sketches did I see what might be perceived as cause and effect. It almost derailed me. And I keep trying to fit in enough markers to clarify the storyline. I am hyper aware of the confusion. But, really, the drawings are for me. And I know what is and isn’t related.

This is an exercise in paring down as much as it is an exercise in discipline and routine. It is not easy! And it may not be worth repeating. But is is, without a doubt, good practice.

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One comment on “Every Day in May

  1. I understand the thought ~ paring down seems flat. That’s one reason why I used to do “monthly doodles” … doodling things that happened over the month seemed so much more full (and doable) than daily.
    Now I have monthly quotes, jotting down things that strike me from passages read or discussions had. I don’t know that I will ever commit to daily..
    Hoping every thing has calmed down & things are well for you & yours.

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