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Episode 179: Cup Board (B)

Amy Creative Journey | Podcast

Version B… same as version A of Episode 179: Cup Board, but different. Each version, in the end, contains slightly different stories while still sharing the same story of a childhood cup board and encouragement for you to take this cup a day challenge with me.

(Warning… at some point in version B, I got my numbers totally wrong and was thinking the two shows I was B-recording were 178 and 179. So don’t get confused. I was confused, but I hope you are not. This is B of 179. I also have a B of 180.)


Podcast not currently available. (What’s this?)

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One comment on “Episode 179: Cup Board (B)

  1. Don’t ‘should’ on yourself. I know that you have gotten over, in some manner, yourself doubt about the structure of your previous show (I am #podcastdeliquent and catching up), the mugs, everything since you have continued to record. Remember: it is hard to change. You like structure and you are trying to change to more of an unstructured format. It will take time to get into the swing, the rhythm of it. Go with the flow. Don’t doubt. You are doing fine. You are articulate, you are saying smart things that make me think, you are inspiring me. I might be late to the party, but I dived right in full force as soon as I had a minute. I am hooked again. Just do it.

    I haven’t been able to find any of the mug drawings you discuss. Are you sharing them? Please do!

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