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Episode 185: Tracking Teddy

Amy Books | Creative Journey | Podcast

(It’s a poor title. I turned the mic on and didn’t have a title! But it gets the point across.)

A trip down memory lane (yes, another one) prompted by questions asked (and correct answers forgotten) and a book of teddy bear photos. Find your favorite Teddy or stuffed animal… and put it in your journal or sketechbook while you listen!

I posted to the Facebook group about a silly beeping that happened every few minutes as I recorded. I was just too lazy to stop everything and get up and move it out of the room. There are still a few beep fragments in the show that I couldn’t fully remove. But at least you know why!

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P.S. I love to (and get lost doing so) follow links to “other” books at Amazon. Has anyone read this?

A Note About ICAD (A Daisy Yellow Project)

I am planning to talk about ICAD in upcoming shows. The first several weeks of it happen during the time I travel to visit family, but I will be (hopefully) trying to keep up. I snapped a photo of some of my cards the other day, and it was interesting seeing a couple of different years all together. I had different themes or approaches each year, and the work from two of the years was so “bold” that it made me catch my breath. I remembered, in a flash, that I used to do do work like that. I am hoping to feel ready for the start of this year’s project. I always work on the same kind of card, 4×6 size, manila. These cards are thick. They are sturdy. I love the size. Totally worth the order I place once a year to Amazon. Favorite pen this year — no doubt about it, it’s the Lamy Joy. I wish I had a dozen Lamy’s, I think. But the Lamy Joy (with a replacement extra fine nib, but not a black one yet) has proven amazing. I’m using the Lamy cartridges, which may be the key to my love of it. (They are not waterproof.) But I would like to try waterproof inks from Goulet in the near future. I have a Noodlers I really like right now, too. But it seems prone to clogging… and it always leaks all over my hands. We should (and will) talk about pens and ink at some point. What’s your favorite?

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12 thoughts on “Episode 185: Tracking Teddy

  1. I hate to keep being the problem listener…but I can’t get this file to play either….download says: No File. In ITunes, it just lads and loads and never plays. :(

    1. Thank you for letting me know there was still a problem. Can you please give it another try from the browser? I’ve removed it and replaced it. Fingers crossed :)

  2. I have a Winnie the Pooh that was given to me as a baby. His fur is worn off in certain places. One eye is gone, but I can’t get rid of him.

    I have been binge listening in case you haven’t noticed. ;-) I love the way you are changing up the ending. It is great. I do like the gong and am glad you are keeping it. Two things you might consider:
    1. You might consider lowering the volume of the clips of the intro, especially the kid voices. The clips are great, but the high baby voices grate a little bit after a few episodes.
    2. At the end you say “don’t forget to breathe”. It is an important message. Would you consider changing it to “remember to breathe”? I learned early on that my son stopped listening if I started a sentence with a negative so I changed my way of speaking to him to telling him what I wanted him to do rather than what I didn’t want to do. I found that for myself, I felt more positive when I avoided negatives. Just a thought.

    Thanks for continuing to podcast!

    1. I bet the Winnie the Pooh is amazing – and how very special that you still have it! Thanks for the feedback on the volume. I will work on making sure the clips are better modulated with the rest of the audio when I start recording again.

  3. PS I use the library a lot, but you are really getting me to explore areas I don’t normally explore. Also, I see the Lamy Joy has a refill converter. When you talk about pens and ink, would you talk about that and what it is? My favorite pens are: Pilot G2 (I love the teal) and Stabilo PointVisco (you can get these at Flax) and Zebra Sarasa (you can get these at Maido in Japantown).

    1. Jaye – a refill converter is something available for many brands of fountain pen. It allows you to use different bottled ink to fill a cartridge rather than using pre-filled cartridges.

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