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Episode 189: Raven

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Episode 189: Raven

A raven on the street, thoughts on morning processes and late-night drawings, managing your creative time and routine, reminder about the one-sentence journal idea (check Episode 187). Plus, a special guest visit from Tammy of Daisy Yellow about doing the Index-Card-a-Day (ICAD) challenge.

Let Tammy inspire you about the challenge, what it means to take on a daily challenge like this, how to get past not knowing what to do.

“I promise you, if you need 15 minutes, you can find them.” 

“It is a creative challenge rather than an art challenge.”

“When it comes right down to it, it is one little tiny project every day for 61 days. So it is one step at a time. Try your best not to psyche yourself out.”
~Tammy Garcia

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3 thoughts on “Episode 189: Raven

  1. I am constantly amazed at how much you get done. Fostering dogs? 2 kids? Trying to make art? Working? I thought I got a lot done, but I can’t hold a candle to you. I would encourage you to take one hour in the morning (or half of whatever you have) and do something to start your day in a positive manner for you. While I generally shower and dress or go to the gym first, I always write in my journal (sometimes draw in it as well) before I really start work. It clears my head of the dust and dreck from the day before and puts me in a good place to deal with clients and co-workers. Perhaps your company is taking advantage of you and really needs to hire another you. Look at how much you are working and how much they are paying you and consider whether you are giving up your life for work. consider whether the volunteering is working for YOU. I am sure they need you and are doing good work, but now might not be the right time for you to give so much. What do you want to do? In the Bay Area, we all have to work hard and kids are a whole additional job regardless of age, but, at the very least, don’t give up your art, your personal morning ritual for work.

    I find that working at night means that I think less about what I am doing. I am more tired, so I am less judgmental. I am okay with working faster and not making masterpieces. I am fine with smaller drawings. I am okay with simple. Later I find most of what I have done at night is not terrible and I have a huge body of work. Of course, if I am exhausted, I should not sew. ;-)

    Later in the podcast you talk about the above for other people. Do you think about that for yourself?

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