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Episode 191: Bio

Amy Creative Journey | Philosophical Threads | Podcast , ,

2015 Collaborative Quilt Project

Thoughts on writing bios and introductions, the big question, “Am I still creative,” a bio 4 ways prompt, and a book of craft activities for kids.

Note: This is the final show recorded before I left in early June, so the sound is not balanced between the talk and the older clips. I know a few of you have found the shows really difficult (or annoying) to listen to because the clips are louder; unfortunately, when I did post-editing, I wasn’t detecting the problem! I apologize. If you have had a problem listening because the clips are too loud… you may want to just skip this one. I will work on this issue when I start recording again in July.

I almost decided to not release this show—given the complaints about modulation. I also worry that some of you will listen and feel the need to answer these questions for me. That isn’t the point of the show. But I hope you listen to this discussion and these questions and think reflectively about your own identify, self, biography, and who you are right now.

I toyed with not releasing this, but I know me… if I wait a few weeks and pretend that I will go home and re-edit the show to lower the clip volume, I won’t release the show. This one will be lost.

This is my birthday week… it’s always a philosophical (even if busy) month and week. This show is well-timed for this week, even though I didn’t realize I would be releasing it this week!






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3 thoughts on “Episode 191: Bio

  1. Your comment about our children seeing us the way we are now is very profound and I am thinking about it a lot. I just sent mine off to stay with my mom, but I am dying to ask him.

    You talked a lot about being creative and whether you were a creative person in this episode. Perhaps yesterday you weren’t creative, but today you might be. Of course, you are creative. You are a parent and by definition parents are creative. You have to think of things on the fly for a variety of reasons and that is creative. You do analyze things about creativity quite a bit – the pen quality of line, the absorption of the paper, etc – and that affects your creativity. Hopefully, you just go draw or write and it doesn’t stunt your creativity. I don’t think you stop being creative. If you were once creative, you are still creative. You have a certain method of your own creativity. Writing directions is a method of being creative. This point of creativity is where you are in your life. The point and level of creativity will be different next week, month, year. The drawing and painting will come again. I think turning off the computer and not answering support questions in the middle of the night is** really** important. Also, all of your art can’t be perfect and fabulous. I think that in every one GREAT piece, 200-500 ok pieces have come before it. Make more. Make awful work and you will get back into the groove. Compare yourself to yourself NOT to others. Your own work is enough.

    I would suggest that you go and do the tests that career counselors give when people want to change careers. While I am not suggesting that you change careers, it will give you insights into your strengths and weaknesses and information about your creativity. Email me and I can give you a reference to someone right near Montgomery Street BART.

    Take care, glad your birthday was good.

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