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Episode 195: Finding Photos

Amy Creative Journey | ICAD | Photography | Podcast

Episode 195--Process


Finding photos –the perfect photos, the ones that match what you have in your head– can be a real challenge! This summer, I have spent lots of time searching online for photos to match certain prompts, subjects, moods, and tones for drawings I have done. In recent weeks, I’ve been clipping from magazines, too, and gathering object photos for reference and inspiration. 

Photo prompt at the end, photo-based but applicable for all mediums.



Above: Mentioned in this show, a “vest drawing” from many years ago that I did, based on a photo, for a Creative Therapy challenge.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 195: Finding Photos

  1. I know what you mean about photos. I don’t usually save them for a purpose, but save magazine photos that I like. Lately I have been trying to save only photos that mean something or inspire me in a specific way. Too much stuff not getting used, you know.

    Have you tried searching Flickr or Pinterest for inspiration photos? I sometimes find it easier to find things on these services than just doing a general search on a search engine.

    You should get that purple chair.

    I don’t think you should care whether other people want to look at 1000 chair photos. Make yourself happy and don’t worry about what other people think.

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