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Episode 199: Griffin and Sabine, Again

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Sample from Griffin and Sabine
Reading from the Griffin and Sabine series while waiting in the car… old and new correspondences blending.
Griffin and Sabine example
Part of the wonder of reading Griffin and Sabine is the art of the postcards, letters, and stamps.
Griffin and Sabine example
There is a beguiling and captivating level of surreal in the art that runs throughout this series — and a love, always, of postage.
Griffin and Sabine example
Reading in the car. Captivating bird art on this postcard.

A summer of art and collage prompted a re-reading of the Griffin and Sabine series. Once I immersed myself again in the epistolary correspondence, I was subsumed by the mystery and surreal feeling of their relationship and the arc of the story. There is so much to love in this tale and in the integration of art, and collage, and postage stamps, of postcards and letters that allow us (as readers) to look in on this exchange.

If you haven’t read these books, reserve them from your library now! (Note: it is important to read the series in order.) Then be sure and watch the Nick Bantock interview. It’s great.

A multi-part prompt near the end of this show is related to the postcard/letter theme — and your own creativity.

Book jacket for one of the Griffin and Sabine books.
If you get lost keeping track of where you are in the series, consult the book jacket!


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