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Episode 202: Inktober

Amy Creative Journey | Pen and Ink | Podcast
#Inkotober 8 -- a dog drawn from a photo online
#Inkotober 8 — a dog drawn from a photo online


Episode 202: An off-the-cuff look at Inktober, a daily challenge in October. You should!

I have been doing and posting quick daily sketches each day in keeping with #Inktober. There are many ways to “do” Inktober, which is partly what I talk about in this episode. At its core, Inktober is yet another daily, another challenge that gives you the chance to make and celebrate a personal habit and routine of daily art. What you draw (or create) each day in Inktober is up to you. There are prompts on the Inktober site, but those are optional.

I have been sketching from photos, both photos found online and photos found in the Sktchy app, which I really enjoy browsing. I am not sure at the outset what my collection of 31 will encompass, but for the moment, I am working heavily with hatching and having a great time with it. I am also challenging myself and putting myself outside of my comfort zone with what I am choosing each day to draw. Challenge is good!

I am sharing my own work at Instagram (oamyoamy), Creativity Matters (Facebook), and Daisy Yellow Circle (Daisy Yellow workshop group). I hope to see you and your #Inktober in one of those places!

Here are a few samples of what I’ve been up to thus far in October for #Inktober:

#Inktober 7 - Girl at window drawn from a photo online.
#Inktober 7 – Girl at window drawn from a photo online.
#Inktober 4 - Person with mug drawn from photo at Sktchy.
#Inktober 4 – Person with mug drawn from photo at Sktchy.



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