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Episode 213: By the Numbers

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Portion of cover of Houndsley and Catina and the Quiet Time

Happy New Year!

Catching up after the holidays… We watched The OA. (I note in the podcast that the series is not for kids. I edited out some of this discussion, which may be confusing. The show is not for kids, but, yes, my kids did see all the “movements” from the show.) We moved on to The Crown. The episode with the 80th birthday portrait of Winston Churchill is really fascinating. Be sure and watch closely at the scenes where the artist and Churchill are each studying the works of the other.

Meandering thoughts on words of and for the year… words that fit, don’t fit, might fit some other time… words that seem counter or opposite to what you want and need but might, in fact, be just right… commemorating, sharing, and posting your word… the process of looking back, taking stock, and wrapping up the year that was and using that data/information to move into the new year with eyes wide open and creative goals. The importance of creative goals. A “by the numbers” look at last year, goals for the new year, and a prompt to set up your own tracker for at least one goal.

Reading two books illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay, author and illustrator of the Stella series.

Relevant links and reminders:

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