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Episode 219: Evernote for Creative Types

Amy Featured | Podcast ,
Episode 219 - Evernote for Creative People
Saving your “listeningTo” or “toListen” notes to Evernote is one of the tips covered in this show. You’ll love this easy way to log your shows!

An opening look at tips, tricks, and techniques for using Evernote to maximize and organize your creative life, including context-specific use of the Web Clipper, a great IFTTT recipe for archiving Instagram photos, and more.

[For some reason, when editing, I removed mention of the fact that I would definitely consider working at Evernote, and that if Evernote ever wanted to sponsor this show, that would be awesome! I am a huge fan of the app. For year I have been dumping things into Evernote, as well as writing in Evernote. This year… I am organizing in Evernote. It’s a slight shift…. but notable.]

Try Evernote:

  • Sign up for Evernote (=> Note: This is my referral link — I misspoke in the show when mentioning this link. There is good incentive for you to use this link. If you use this link to sign up for Evernote for the first time, you will get a free month of Evernote Premium.)

Mentioned in this Show:

 Note: I mention a problem I had finding episode data in Overcast (and how that led me to start clipping my listeningTo or toListen shows to Evernote). I solved the “find the show info” problem. Just tap the bottom bar where the show is playing, and then scroll down. Show info appears underneath at that point. As far as whether or not shows “disappear” from your playlist after you listen… it looks like the answer is yes. I’m adjusting to that.
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