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Episode 223: Catfish Green

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Episode 223: Catfish Green Ink / Assorted Inks

In Episode 223: thoughts on fountain pen ink and the amount of time it takes to use up a cartridge of ink—which can seem very long when you are anxious to try a new color! I have several pens in use right now, and even with daily sketching, lots of bullet journaling, and ongoing documentation projects, nothing is running dry. My son, who has recently started using a fountain pen, just finished his first cartridge and got his first “pick an ink” fill. It turned out to be a bit anticlimactic. So thoughts on ink, the allure of a crazy green ink that may be my next fill, great resources for fountain pen inks and content, and tracking and documentation projects. Plus, a book on embroidery and one on mindfulness.

In Episode 223, I rattle off the names of some assorted ink samples I had sitting nearby while I was recording. But after doing this show, I am so excited to really try more ink samples, inspired to document and record them, and determined to more fully embrace and explore colored inks. What’s your favorite ink?

Note: Episode 223 wasn’t really about “pens,” though there are links to several in the list above. Maybe I’ll talk a bit more about specific pens in another show … the ones I use and the ones on my own wish list. Maybe not 100% true, but I consider this to be a guiding premise: one can never have too many pens.

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