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Journals - Multiple

This photo (above) surprises me. It is a divergence from my own methodology in recent years. I was struck by the stack of journals spread beneath me one morning last week as I settled in to work after taking a few minutes to do some data logging, bullet journaling, and daily preparations for work.

What Works Today May Not Work Tomorrow

I have been using a Midori notebook system for a few years now, something I have talked about in many episodes of the CMP. The flexibility of the system and the wide range of sizes available from individual makers and sellers means there is a “cover” out there for everyone (and every favorite blank book). How you fill your traveler’s notebook and how you approach using your inserts is the magic of the system.

Within my traveler’s notebook setup, I’ve always done some modicum of bullet journaling, but this January, I’ve been getting more serious about following the bullet journaling methodolgy for my non-work to-do list items. To keep things separated from my daily work notes, I started tracking in a separate book. And then, February 1, I started doing some informal data tracking (described in Episode 220). This process will evolve, but I started in a small Leuchtturm1917 (my first). (The size is the same as I used to always use in Moleskine and Hand*Book, and after carrying this small book with me this week, I am remembering how much I love the size and feel.)

I snapped the photo above one morning this week. I was still in the early morning hours and sorting out the day, checking in on Facebook, and getting my work morning underway. As I sat at my computer, my arms straddling all these notebooks to reach my keyboard, it struck me that suddenly I have a proliferation of journals and blank books. This is something at times I have worked hard to avoid and eliminate. But right now, all of these has a purpose and a place in helping me think about each day, big picture and small. I am not totally loving even the idea of having all of these going at once. But for the moment, this is it.

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