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Pinwheels for Wonder31

Amy Daily Drawing | Pen and Ink , ,
Wonder31 Pinwheel 1 of 3

Wonder31 Pinwheel 2 of 3

Wonder31 Pinwheel 3 of 3

The three drawings above were all inspired by the Wonder31 “Pinwheel” prompt (#7). Wonder31 is a free-form, open prompt series from Daisy Yellow. I love prompt sets because they provide challenge and they remove some of the “what should I draw” question that can be a stumbling block for some sketchbook keepers and people who draw daily. I haven’t explored the Wonder31 prompts fully yet, mostly because I am still really enjoying using Sktchy as a resource for my daily drawings. But for some reason, “Pinwheel” caught my fancy.

I spent time searching for photos to draw, and over the course of three days, I drew the three images you see here. Each is slightly different in concept and style, and one is not truly pinwheel-focused. For some reason, the blowing of the dandelion was similar enough in the third image to make the three sketches hold together for me as a set and a series. I like all three of these, for different reasons, and these three stand together as part of the nightly portrait drawing I have been doing in recent months.

Find your own challenge and inspiration in the Wonder31 prompt series at Daisy Yellow.

Pinwheels also symbolize the wind—the often unseen energy that causes movement and animation. It can move us along, then stop us in our tracks, only to start up again, as if without our permission–just like the rotations of a pinwheel which reacts to the presence or absence of wind. —
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