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Quiet Noise

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2017 Sketch based on a Sktchy photo
My nightly sketching is the anchor in my day, even when I am half asleep. Sketch inspired by a photo at Sktchy.

I am feeling quiet. It is a noisy and bothersome quiet. I keep trying to speak, and I stop myself. I enter words and start updates over and again and then delete. When I do post, often after many mis-starts, the words are disjointed. They are easily misread or misinterpreted. Even I am not sure how they should best be read or how someone should respond.

Three weeks of this noisy, turbulent, exhausting silence. Having discovered the What Should I Read Next podcast, I have a book checked out from the library (raved about in two of the first three episodes). As this mental exhaustion and the weight of silence settles over me, I am tempted to retreat, to lie down and read. I am tempted to push away from my desk, and just lie down. Most likely I would fall asleep.

The quiet rumbles around me, the crescendo of unarticulated thought crashing in my head.

I keep trying to release two podcasts that will help clear my air. At the same time, I toy with doing a new kind of show, a show that has no “me” in it. The more I get involved in the podcast community, the quieter I have become. (I am not sure anyone has noticed the missing shows, which compounds the noise in my head.)

Sketch based on a Sktchy photo - man with mic.
A nighttime sketch, one of the final two pages in the composition book I had been using. This sketch, based on a Sktchy photo, makes me happy. You see he is holding a microphone? Lovely, casual hold.

A weekend and a week of Spring Break stretch ahead. It feels like there is opportunity in this week. (I will be working, but without the need to shepherd kids to school, I can work straight through in long cycles which shift the play of time in the day.)

But to use the time, I have to manage the quiet. I have to find my voice and a room in which to speak.

I have many tabs open in my browser at this moment, bits and pieces of show notes for shows that have been recorded and the fodder and nesting threads that are being held open for other shows. But in this quiet, all of these things continue to sit here, waiting.

Here is an unordered roundup of creative and philosophical wisdom and inspiration for your morning coffee (or evening glass) or simple weekend enjoyment:


Thank you, again, to those of you in the Creativity Matters group at Facebook. Your support and the community we are creating, is invaluable and much appreciate.


Reading You Before Me
The What Should I Read Next podcast has inspired me to find my way back to pleasure reading. To that end, I’ve been making read-time in the car, even before going in for my routine grocery shopping!
Note: links provided to books, tools, and other resources on the Creativity Matters Podcast website may be affiliate links for which the podcast would make a (very) small amount of money if the item was purchased. Links are provided for convenience to help you find/see/explore the books, tools, and resources I talk about. Using the library, when possible, is always my first recommendation.

One comment on “Quiet Noise

  1. I live with so much silence, it is the noise that is jarring now. This is my new life, in the 18 years since my daughter began her own adult life in her own domicile. Back then, the silence was deafening, and overwhelming, and filled with tears.

    I will find the What To Read Next podcast. I have not been reading as much since I retired…

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