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Lists for April 7

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CMP List Challenge - 7 - Favorite podcasts

Today’s CMP List Challenge Prompt:

Lists for April prompt #7: Favorite podcasts

If you are not a podcast listener, then adapt your list! If you have any interest in podcasts (because you hear others talk about them), then make a list of podcasts you might try. Or, go a different direction. Make a list of things you “listen to” or make a list of favorite TVshows.

These articles and lists may help spur your podcast finding:


Share your list. We are sharing in the Creativity Matters group at Facebook and at Instagram.

Tag your lists with #cmpList so I can find you and follow.

What is the CMP List Challenge?

Get the backstory on the CMP April List challenge here.

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Note: links provided to books, tools, and other resources on the Creativity Matters Podcast website may be affiliate links for which the podcast would make a (very) small amount of money if the item was purchased. The Creativity Matters Podcast is an affiliate. Links are provided for convenience to help you find/see/explore the books, tools, and resources I talk about. Using the library, when possible, is always my first recommendation for reviewing books firsthand.

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