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Lists for April 4

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CMP List 4: Childhood memories


Today’s CMP List Challenge Prompt:

CMP List Challenge prompt #4: Childhood memories

I hesitate to push “go” on this one because I know some of you will resist, will find this hard, will think you have nothing to list. Let yourself think about the prompt… and just start writing. The memories don’t have to be perfect gems of glittering importance. Maybe the things you remember are just small nonsequiturs or half-formed impressions for which you aren’t even sure of the complete detail. Maybe your list has both of these kinds of memories. Or maybe you have an uncanny memory of being two!

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What is the CMP List Challenge?

Get the backstory on the CMP April List challenge here.

Missed the opening days? Don’t worry! You can start with today and go forward, or take a few minutes and pick up the lists you missed as well. 

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