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Episode 232: Wander

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CMP Episode 232: Wander

Episode 232 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

— Note: I was sick when I recorded… hopefully you can’t tell. I really wanted to go ahead and clear the slate and get this show out of my head and into the ethos (or your podcast player). —

In this episode of the CMP, a look at The Wander Society (by Keri Smith). This is a book that impacted my year – just by being in my stack, in my periphery, and in my frame of view as I considered the year. I read the intro and opening pages, and that was enough to set me off on an unexpected path, which seems entirely appropriate for the subject. Since then, I have carried this book around… protective of the ways in which I am contemplating this word this year. But the book is (over)due, and all of you need to know about this book. I went into the book with a willing suspension of disbelief. That got a bit marred in researching for this show and in letting my pragramatic self come through. But the impact of the book remains. My interest is in the word – the philosophy of the word – and in exploring that word beyond the bounds of the book.

Ultimately… I wonder if I really said anything direct in Episode 232… I think I completely wandered my way through a show about wandering, partly because I was a bit discombobulated about how to talk about the fact that I totally bought into the authenticity of this book when just reading the intro and opening. But falling into this mentality of wander had a profound impact on my thinking. I want to reiterate that wander was definitely not the kind of word I wanted for the year. I wanted a word that was direct. Purposeful. Goal-oriented. Bold. Wander strikes me as none of those. It is, in fact, almost the exact opposite of anything I wanted. It was an unlikely word for me. I still have trouble claiming it because I know people will laugh. I laugh. It seems like such a lightweight word, so carefree, so decadent. I don’t have time for any of these things, and I definitely don’t have time for whimsy.

Words are powerful.

“I need to walk, to wander. And so I set out. My only objective was to journey with my eyes open. This was to be my new practice, every day. Open to the unknown, completely awake. I would wander.” ~Keri Smith, The Wander Society (XIX)

Mentioned in Episode 232 (or related):

“In joining the Wander Society, you are embarking on a hero’s quest. The quest is not so much about where you wander, but rather your readiness to create your own path, to let go of what society has told you you’re supposed to be. When we speak about wandering being a mystical endeavor, what we are referring to is a willingness to confront the mysteries of life: the universe, the unknown. The tool we use to access these places is our own soul. Our soul will guide us to live with our eyes wide open and tuned into what we need, if we give it the space to do so. The wanderer seeks to discover and participate in that which will give him or her the deepest soul life.” ~Keri Smith, The Wander Society

Books in Episode 232 (and related titles):

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