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Episode 230: People

Amy Creative Journey | Featured | Podcast ,
 CMP Episode 230: People

Episode 230 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a focus on people drawing. I talk about my journey with people drawing, the Sktchy app, and two books on drawing people. This is a “People: Part 1” show because there is a lot to cover! Plus, in Episode 230, a quick overview (and call to action) for the CMP List Challenge. (It’s underway right now, but this set of list prompts is something you will be able to use at any time.)

I should have clarified in this show that drawing “people” can mean many things, including portraiture, urban sketching, figure drawing, or other full-body drawings. The books cover all aspects of people drawing, and, using Sktchy, you can choose from photos that are full-body or more zoomed in. My own drawings from Sktchy, for the most part, have been portraits, so focused on the face and upper body. After I wrapped up the show, I realized that I didn’t really explain that… and so, really, all of this people drawing still isn’t solving my problems with understanding where arms hang in certain positions. There is plenty of room and a ton of terrain to explore in the world of “people drawing”!

The Flow of Episode 230 (and relevant links):

Books in Episode 230:


Other books on drawing people:

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