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Episode 242: More Ballpoint

Amy Creative Journey | Featured | ICAD | Podcast ,
 Episode 242: More Ballpoint
Above: one of my nightly drawings (a selfie to kick off ICAD 2017) – in ballpoint on index card. Underneath, Obsessive Consumption, talked about in this episode.

Episode 242 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, want and need, vaguely getting ready to travel, continued exploration of ballpoint pens, and a set of 10 tips for working with ballpoint ink. My thoughts about ICAD begin to clarify, what I am reading, what I am listening to, and the awesome and inspiring Obsessive Consumption book (first talked about back in Episode 220). This is a big show… but there is a lot here. This intro… this is classic CMP in a good way. When I listened back, the word “happy” jumped out me… again and again and again. That’s notable.

We each find our ways. Our paths. Our spaces. Our comfort zones. And in this moment, I’ve landed in a creative space that makes me incredibly happy. Thank you for tuning in and listening to the Creativity Matters Podcast.

“I keep considering drawing a chair… the mood of the chairs and windows really speaks to me. This is the language of my heart and soul, my melancholy, my restlessness, my loneliness… but then I look at the woman I drew last night… I look at a few scattered cards with faces on them from previous nights… I look at my Instagram feed… and there is life… all these people… there is life. When I draw them… that is not part of it… but when I am finished… there is someone looking at me from the page… someone that feels real… that feels like a storybook character… a heroine… I’ve brought someone to life on paper… with all that melancholy, restlessness, loneliness, philosophy locked up inside… it all becomes a whole for me… “

The Flow of Episode 242 (and relevant links):

“I draw objects are are rather ordinary: Coke cans, Post-it notes, toilet bowl cleaner–sundry items that a lot of consumers have a shared experience with; items that we interact with, but don’t really think about. I love documenting the mundane and, in turn, putting a personal face on something that is mass-produced.” ~ Kate Bingaman-Burt, Obsessive Consumption
Note: links provided to books, tools, and other resources on the Creativity Matters Podcast website may be affiliate links for which the podcast would make a (very) small amount of money if the item was purchased. The Creativity Matters Podcast is an affiliate. Links are provided for convenience to help you find/see/explore the books, tools, and resources I talk about. Using the library, when possible, is always my first recommendation for reviewing books firsthand.

4 thoughts on “Episode 242: More Ballpoint

  1. Great episode. I am very interested in process and hearing about your process around ballpoint hits me in the right place. I am not a fan of ballpoint because of the poor flow (my favorite pens are Pilot G7 .07 and Sarasa), but I love hearing about your exploration. I love Japantown’s stationery stores and was very sad when Maido closed their Westfield shop as I am more often downtown than in Japantown. Now I just have to make special trips.

    Your sound quality is excellent! You have some of the best, most consistent sound quality of any of the podcasts to which I listen. One of the things most important to me is consistency throughout the podcast. I sincerely dislike having to backup, adjust the sound, because a podcaster turned away from the mic and I couldn’t hear a few critical words. That never happens with your podcast. Your sounds is really consistent. I listen now on Insignia wireless headphones while I walk or workout or sew, so I am often in a somewhat noisy environment. Once I get the sound level right for my environment, I don’t have to adjust for your podcast and never have. Stop worrying about it.

    I have a lot of thoughts about need versus want. The fabric and pen are
    huge problems/challenges for me.

    1. I agree about Maido. It is a place to go for a treat, for sure. Thank you for the comments about sound… that is REALLY helpful and reassuring to hear. I’ve worried about it a great deal, but my attempts to “improve” things haven’t necessarily worked. I really appreciate your comments.

  2. What I was thinking about in terms of want vs. need was the stack of library books. I really don’t have much time (or make much time???) to look at them, then they are due or recalled and I feel sad that I have to take them back. I have a stack here now, a couple of which have been here for a month and I haven’t made much time to look at them. Aside from audiobooks and quilt books, I have tried to stop buying print books or buying and then donating to the library. I have stacks of books that need shelves, which we haven’t purchased yet. Stacks of books are hard to access and that makes me crazy. Still, I want the information in the books. I don’t know if I need it, but I do want it.

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