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Index-Card-a-Day 2017

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I am getting ready for the 2017 Index-Card-a-Day Challenge (ICAD) hosted by Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow. I talked a great deal about ICAD in Episode 238 of the Creativity Matters Podcast (CMP). Many of these links also appear in the show notes for that episode. (That episode also contains a goat, a unicorn, a dog, and colored hair, so it’s worth a listen.) But I wanted to pull the ICAD links to a separate, dedicated page for easy access.

Head to the official Index-Card-a-Day Challenge page for the core info about ICAD and to sign up for 2017.

The basics: ICAD runs June 1-July 31. (You will see people begin doing warmups and making “cover” cards in the week leading up to the start.) During ICAD, participants create 61 index cards on which they draw, paint, collage, sew, write, or otherwise make a mark. There are prompts posted each week for those that wish to use them, but the prompts are optional. Some people do the prompts, and some do not. I sometimes respond to the prompts. (The prompts add an extra level of “challenge,” and it can be fun to see what you can come up with to respond to each daily prompt.)

After making your card for the day, share it. (See the ICAD page for more information on sharing options, hashtags, and groups.)

No planning required

Every year I have some idea of something I hope to do as a consistent thread that holds my cards together (e.g., lyrics on each card, fabric on each card, stamps, washi, etc.). 61 days is a long time, and my plan doesn’t always pan out or have sticking power. Once you are in the process and working each day to create a new card, you will find your own flow, and you may see techniques and approaches you want to try. Be open to where the challenge takes you!

I like having some plan as I head towards the start of the new ICAD season, but this is a personal approach. There is no planning, strategizing, pre-planning, or preparation required to do ICAD. You simply need index cards (3×5 or 4×6), something with which to make a mark, and the desire to do the challenge.

Here are a few cards of my cards from last year:

ICAD 2016 - Amy Cowen  ICAD 2016 - 46 Lighthouse WIndow  ICAD 2016 - 23ICAD 2016 - Chair by Window  ICAD 2016 - 32  ICAD 2016 - 58ICAD 2016 - Chair  ICAD 2016 - Chair on Quilt  ICAD 2016 - 61 final card of the challenge


Working in a series

Last year, I started with a challenge of “stuffed things” and gradually shifted to a series of window and chair drawings. I worked mostly in pen and ink, but I experimented with some paint, some “whitewashed” cards, some collage, and bits of washi. While working with color makes me feel like I “fit in” a bit more with the majority of the artists doing ICAD, my work last year with pen and ink (only) remains my favorite.

(This year, I am not worried about fitting in. I’ve come a long way.)

Find out more about ICAD, sign up, and support the challenge

  • Official ICAD base (DaisyYellow) [Go here to sign up for the Facebook group, buy the “Extras” bundle, or pick up an inspiring zine)
  • Official ICAD FAQ (DaisyYellow)
  • 2017 Prompts (when ICAD begins)

I talk in Episode 238 about the changes that have been posted for this year’s ICAD — and the reasons why you should sign up (for the group, or buy the extras bundle, or buy a zine) to support the challenge. Some people look forward to this challenge all year long. Support your artists and facilitators.

Listen to 2016 episodes of the Creativity Matters Podcast that include discussion of ICAD

Tune in to an old show while you work on your warmups for ICAD 2017, while you work on this year’s cards, or just for some creative talk in the car.

(Note: Some of these shows may have a bit of shifting “loudness.” My apologies.)

Flip back through some 2016 blog posts on the CMP site

Miscellaneous 2016 ICAD links

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