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ICAD Week 2

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Above: a group shot of drawings for ICAD 2017 days 7-14. All of these are in ballpoint and based on photos at Sktchy. 

Two Weeks In…

The flow of ICAD for me this year is very different than last. I am doing work now that I enjoy more than anything I’ve done before, and I am spending time each day on my drawing (and on deciding what to draw from Sktchy). But I remember last year as having a very different texture. I remember days here in KY when I would work on my cards, when I had stretches of time during the day, when I was gluing things down and splashing on paint. I remember the cards I did for some of the early prompts… cards in which I tried to fit my teddy bear theme to the daily prompt. I remember the “writer” card (little girl and the bear), the baseball player, the self portrait for my birthday, the list, the hands racking pool balls. I can’t quite put my finger on the difference this year… something subtle, vague, intangible. 

Last year was good. This year is good. I was surprised this morning to realize that we just finished week 2. 14 daily cards. It feels like it has gone incredibly fast. On a few days (maybe two), I have worked on my card earlier in the day, and each time that has felt strange and decadent. But for the most part, I have done or finished my drawing for each day at night, often worked in as part of our card games. The flow works for me, and even though I am doing detailed drawings that feel like small pieces, the “let me hatch this nose while you deal” approach ensures that nothing gets too much attention or becomes too precious. 

With a few more casual critics in the house while I am visiting my Mom, it is interesting each day to work on my drawing more publicly than I have in the past and to get feedback either during or after. The older boys see my work come through their social media streams, and typically it wafts on by. But several times they have mentioned seeing a post or commented more directly as we sit around the table. That one of the drawings looked to them like Alton Brown was a funny moment. And one of the others, one I really like, they think is kind of scary.  The youngest critic told me one day this week that he thinks I am getting better.

Feedback is always helpful. It keeps us humble. And learning to hear and receive feedback is an important part of the creative process.

During this week, I’ve been contemplating several new projects. Mostly I guess I need to keep these in my head for now. As soon as I talk about my plans, I’ll probably see others doing the same things. There are no new wheels, and the projects I am thinking about are not new in any way, but both would be a branching out for me in terms of ways to share and capture my drawings and processes. All of this is good, and it is always exciting to consider new avenues. 

I have been experimenting with Instagram stories this week, too. It is a wonderful way to use the kinds of process photos I love to snap. I don’t know that I like stories all that much, but I do like that I can easily save a quick video of the story. Here is a story from the Day 14 card. 

Thank you for following along!


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