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Episode 250: Daily (WIP)

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Episode 250: Daily
Above: shifting to #WIP has been a big leap of faith for me, one that brings my approach to “daily” and my reliance on “finishing” something daily under a spotlight of reflection, personal insight, creative journey archeology and philosophy. Working on drawing #1 for August and for #dycatchphrase prompt 1/a. 

Episode 250 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, thoughts on “daily” and how the concept of daily varies for each of us and how that affects how we view beginnings, endings, and transitions to something new. Plus, thoughts on shifting to multi-day #WIP projects rather than start-to-finish-each-day projects. There are plusses and minuses, and I am feeling my way as August unfolds. But so far, I am enjoying the change of pace and working on a skill I often lack… patience.

The Flow of Episode 250 (and relevant links):

” We each have our own way of dealing with projects, with to-dos and goals, with starts and finishes, beginnings and endings… and with our systems of habit, routine, and accountability. In hearing others talk about how it felt to end the two month (ICAD) project… how they embraced that or resisted that or needed downtime after, it was again mind-expanding to recognize that these moments do strike us differently… we react differently. Our differences lead to our individual ‘what’s next’ or to our hesitation or our powerful beginnings or our reluctant endings… “

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