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Episode 251: Sketchnote

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Episode 251: Sketchnote

Above: current exploration is a form of visual notetaking. Visual Sketchnote Handbook (seen partially here) is an excellent resource and formatted “sketchnote style” itself, which is wonderful.

Episode 251 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, visual notes, sketchnotes, doodles, stick figures, lots of interests all coming together on the page and in the “format” of sketchnoting. Challenge to sketchnote this show while you listen, think about visual vocabularly, and draw along as I talk. I’ve been trying sketchnoting for the past few weeks, learning, watching, scanning, scouring and, most importantly, doing. My attempts to do a page of illustrated show notes while listening to Episode 53, discussed in Episode 248: Then and Now, set me off on the sketchnote trail. Bit by bit, things fell into place. Actually, it was an avalanche. Join in as I connect the dots with you and encourage you to try sketchnoting yourself.

This is the first of the sketchnote shows….

I don’t draw icons. I don’t do stick people. I don’t have a visual library in my head that tells me how to quickly draw a skunk or a boat or a desk.

The Flow of Episode 251 (and relevant links):

“I love seeing connections… seeing how different things end up related or how one thing leads to the next and the next and the next and then how there are granular elements… clear branches or forks… paths… I love the slight teeter totter between logic and chaos… and this kind of form has that for me… it has the rich, filled-in, use-the-space, big type, little type, road map, flow chart, mind map, brainstorm, sometimes hodgepodge feeling… and yet the whole point is that this form helps organize and streamline meaning… makes it easier to look at a visual transcript of something and understand the key points, what was related, what the upshot is… helps lock things into memory… helps highlight and underscore what is important or what really stands out. For me… sometimes the ability to see connections… unexpected ones maybe… or obscure ones… is a big draw…. Visual sketchnoting has a quality of mapping that I love.”
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    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, Pam! I am so glad that the Sketchnote idea is exciting to you. There are so many wonderful examples of this format out there!

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