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Episode 252: Doodle (Field Note)

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 Episode 252: Doodle
Above: a glimpse of a doodle exercise featured in the Craft-a-Doodle book reviewed in this show.

Episode 252 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this Field Note-style episode of the CMP, some talk about the duality of the word “doodle” as it is used both in talking about sketchnotes and visual journaling (check Episode 251) and as it relates to sitting with a blank page and mindlessly or mindfully filling it with pen lines and marks. The word is used broadly, and in the Sketchnote show, I was using the word “doodle” but talking more about simplified line drawings and icons (which are often called doodles in that space).

In this show… a live flip-through of the Craft-a-Doodle: 75 Creative Exercises from 18 Artists book. This show is entirely flip-through talk. I look through this book, real-time, and highlight some of the great exercises in the book. I really enjoyed the mix of doodle-oriented exercises in this collection from a range of artists, and I think you will, too! There is a nice blend of concrete doodles and imagination-based doodle activities in Craft-a-Doodle. I focused mostly on the doodle–style concrete exercises, but be sure and check out the book to see the full spectrum of inspiring and exciting “doodle”-based ideas! You can incorporate doodles into your journals, your planners, your art journal pages, your daily to-do lists, or even your meeting notes.

Craft-a-Doodle was edited by Jenny Doh, and I’ve listed a few other collections by her below, too. There is a sequel to Craft-a-Doodle that I didn’t know about when recording.

The Flow of Episode 252

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