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Episode 257: Red Sun

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Episode 257: Red Sun
Above: one of my August 2017 ballpoint drawings (based on a photo at Sktchy) along with a glimpse of a page from Paul Madonna’s books, discussed in today’s show.

Episode 257 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, a pair of books by SF-based Paul Madonna, All Over Coffee and Everything Is Its Own Reward, some library #wander talk, urban sketching, and an unexpected heat wave puts philosophical thinking in overdrive.

My not-so-wander-y weekly library stop leads me to two unexpected books by Paul Madonna… that I love. I think you will, too. From the foreward to All Over Coffee:

“There is the life you think you lead, and then there is the one you really do. The first is made of solid dots–your home, your dog, your office–that connect in a straight and pleasing line for months and years, forming the sensible narrative of a life. Details that do not help the story–telephone wires, bus delays, someone else’s receipt falling from a used paperback–are left out. It is a neat fantasy. It is, in its way, quite beautiful. But Paul Madonna remembers what you forgot.”

Tune in as I deep dive into these beautiful books that are and are not cartoon style — mostly not. If you are able to get your hands on a copy of these at your local library, you will be mesmerized. If you draw, you will probably walk away with a newly kindled interest in urban sketching and in drawing what you see out there. I know I did!

The Flow of Episode 257 (and relevant links or referenced people/shows/books):

“To work in a series is to define a set of rules, then create within those rules. When I began the strip I only had a concept and a set of theories, so every piece I made was a variation of testing those theories in practice. I imagined that I had interieed a plot of land but didn’t know how bit it was, and that each day I was setting out on an expedition in search of fences that defined my borders. Some expediteions worked better than others, and with each strip I began to forumulate the rules of All Over Coffee as a series.” (Paul Madonna, Everything Is Its Own Reward)
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