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Episode 258: Is it Done

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Episode 258: Is It Done?
Above: one of my nightly drawings (based on a photo at Sktchy) in progress.

Episode 258 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast

In this episode of the CMP, the question that artists have to answer about each new piece of work: Is it done? Working on larger pieces and working over days rather than on daily pieces has challenged my notion of “done” and forced me to make decisions about pieces rather than just calling pieces “done” at the end of the day. Figuring out whether or not something is “done” is part of the art, part of your art.

A look back at the eight (only eight) pieces created in August, how switching to WIP went, the mental benefits of constructs and boxes to fill in (like grids or inchies), the Goldilocks search for the right size, accepting your line, and more. Plus, what happens when you realize you aren’t having fun with what you’re doing?

It’s all here, in Episode 258.

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The Flow of Episode 258 (and relevant links):

  • August works (a rundown of 8 1/2 pieces created in August and the progression)
  • Why there is a 1/2-finsished piece (oh no!)
  • 9×12 feel just a bit larger than the 4×6 index card– really?
  • 11×14 feels like a much bigger jump and stretch
  • Filling bigger spaces is much more difficult with ballpoint
  • The peppermint latte in the drawing is really a “cupcake cup” — but I’m sticking with the image of it as a latte!
  • Daisy Yellow CatchPhrase (the reason my August pieces had “words” on them)
  • Trying to get “something” in ballpoint and ultimately realizing it’s not me — and I wasn’t enjoying it; reclaiming and accepting my own line and voice in this medium –> embracing my approach
  • Considering Copic (Still considering this… but not willing to put aside ballpoint or not sure I can!)
  • Helen Leigh Pippard video (She’s an amazing Copic artist! Listening to her talk about the Copic colors sent me looking to better understand how Copics work in terms of the numbers.)
  • Copic Color Theory
  • Understanding the Copic Marker Color System
  • Guitar music: Nicholai Heidlas on SoundCloud
  • Creativity Matters Group at Facebook
  • Patreon page
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